Visagio was born in 2003 in Brazil as a Technology and Management Consulting company. Over the years, our business model has evolved, and today we are a business transformation and digital acceleration platform with projects carried out in more than 40 countries and offices in Australia, Brazil, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom.


We carry out diagnosis, strategy design and organisational improvement, as well as providing support to implement and operationalise defined solutions through consultancy, interim management, technology and analytics services.


Visagio offers a collaborative environment where capable people embody our company’s values ​​and DNA. We are proud of our space for innovation, with well-defined and clear targets for success. Aligned with the concepts of daily learning and exciting challenge, we attract and retain the best talent, offering them tangible opportunities so that together we build a story of success.


By being part of our team, you will have the opportunity to be part of an excellent organisational climate. From day one, all are incentivised to share experiences and maintain direct contact with the other consultants, strengthening our collaborative network.


Our purpose is to be a platform that drives growth in each member of our group so that everyone can make a real difference. Our values strongly guide us to have talents with the highest technical knowledge, a high capacity for implementation, and an “owner’s mindset”.



Diversity and inclusion

At Visagio, it is our priority to ensure an equitable environment, where everyone feels free to exercise their full potential. Through numerous initiatives, our Diversity and Inclusion team promotes topics relevant to our society and future generations.


We understand that excellent professionals are formed not only by experiences and achievement of goals but through investments in content that enable more extraordinary professional and personal development.


For this reason, UniVisagio, our corporate university, provides development actions to achieve technical excellence both internally and at the market level. The exchange of knowledge occurs through classroom, online classes, workshops, webinars, and other formats. We build a solid and transparent career plan through our mentoring program, allowing consultants to achieve their goals and aspirations.