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Is this a vacation internship?

  • No, it is an ongoing internship of 20 hr/week on average. You can work more than this in periods of less university and full-time over the holidays.

Can I be an intern for longer than 6 months?

  • We expect that you start your career path with us. You can be in the internship program as long as you need if you still have university commitments. Since you are always learning new things and working on new projects, the internship remains exciting, and it gives you hands-on experience working with clients on meaningful projects (something that you just can’t get from university).


How long is a typical internship contract?

  • The length of your contract is undetermined. Here, we expect that you will achieve great performance and you will start your career path to become a consultant and a partner. 

How likely is it to move to a full-time position at the end of the internship?

  • With good performance throughout your internship, you can expect zero transitional period to full-time. We believe anyone who starts at Visagio will have the required cultural fit to become a partner one day. With a good performance in your internship, you will automatically transition to full-time.

Are there any programs for graduate students?

  • We don’t have a specific graduate programEveryone starts as a consultant, and the consultancy work is naturally as dynamic as a graduate job. Please apply for the full-time role if this is of your interest.

Can I apply as an international student?

  • All international students are welcome to apply, we have very diverse workplaces with over 15 cultures working in our Perth office. Also, if you are the right fit, we are open to sponsoring students after their two-year post-study working visa is finished.

Is the internship for Perth and Sydney only?

  • Yes, this process is currently for Perth-based and Sydney-based students. 

Would I be able to take days off for assignments and exams?

  • Definitely! Study always comes first. It is all about communication and planning. Once you have your timetable and key assignment/exam dates, we can easily accommodate these in your project and allow you to focus on university milestones.

Can I apply for 2 intern process applications?  

  • No, you can only apply for one, management or technology. You will need to withdraw your application to apply for the other stream.

Are the roles/internships different for each type of consultant?

  • No, both management and technology consultants follow the same path / possible projects. The differentiation is used to evaluate the skill set that an intern will bring with them.

What responsibilities are given to interns from day 1?

  • As an intern, you are treated as a full-time consultant and given lots of responsibility and autonomy in your role. There is a great support network from Visagio, so you are encouraged to take initiative. Besides, you are given the opportunity to participate in many internal initiatives, which allow you to develop many other skills on top of project-related skills.


When would I start?

  • Interns are normally expected to start a few weeks after the recruitment process is finished. 

How many positions are there to be filled?

  • We don’t set a target for each of our intake periods, we are always looking for the most talented, good-hearted people that will be a good cultural fit for Visagio. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, critical thinkers who have the clients' best in mind.

Can I apply in my first or second year at university?

  • Yes, you can. We don’t set any minimum requirements. However, as you have more experience at university, you will become more experienced in problem-solving and working in project teams.


What size are your clients?

  • It varies, we have clients from start-ups to global mining companies.


In the case of a lockdown, would the accepted interns be introduced to the team through the net and then work remotely? 

  • Yes, our business is adapted to work remotely, including introductions, get-togethers and meetings.

Is the internship paid? 

  • Yes, it is a paid internship.

Is there any support structure for interns to learn new required skills?

  • Through our corporate university, UniVisagio, we offer all consultants and interns the opportunity to learn new technical and soft skills.

What are the skills sets required for the internship?

  • You have to be willing to learn new things, adapt quickly to new environments and like to work in a collaborative team.


What to expect from the online test? 

  • GMAT questions;

  • Critical reasoning / Logic / Business Cases.

What makes an application stand out?

  • Clear and organised CV;

  • Good GPA or grades on relevant units;

  • Previous experience and proof of technical knowledge can help but is not mandatory.

How can I demonstrate that I am a good candidate during the recruitment process? 

  • Good communication skills help you stand out and share your ideas clearly with evaluators. Also, by demonstrating an interest in the company and understanding our core values, you will be steps ahead. 

What are the most common projects that Visagio undertake in Perth? 

  • Analytics-oriented decision-making (simulation, optimisation, machine learning);

  • Data Visualisation;

  • Supply Chain and Operations Optimisation;

  • Businesses Processes Redesign and Transformation;

  • Processes Automation.

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