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Career in consulting for women in STEM

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Have you ever wondered what a career in consulting looks like? Are you unsure what you want to do when you leave university? Do you have a STEM background?

The CC4Women – Consulting Chat for Women in STEM is a new initiative run by Visagio’s Diversity & Inclusion Team. We want to help bridging the gap for women in Science and Technology by connecting women enrolled in STEM degrees with women working in consulting projects related to these areas of interest.

Selected students and consultants will be matched and meet for a conversation about what a career in consulting looks like, the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that support a career in consulting and also Visagio’s internship program in the case you have any questions.

The chats are intended to be informal, and nothing like an interview. It will take place from Monday, February 15th. In the event that circumstances do not permit face to face chats, they will occur online. Students will have the option to choose from available time slots.

You will need to complete a (short!) 5 minutes application form to be involved. The only criteria are that you identify as a woman/non-binary and are enrolled in a STEM degree. We welcome applications from both domestic and international students, and students at any stage of their degree.

Applications will be filtered based on effort and they are due on Friday 12th February at 5pm.

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