Here we think and do things differently. Interns start to work on case work from day one, are provided with real working experience and applying their knowledge with clients.  

See below testimonials why Visagio is a great place to build your career.

Hazel Fuller
(2021.2 intern)
Farruh Mavlonov

(2021.1 intern)

In the six months at Visagio, I've been able to participate in multiple projects for clients and learned from a number of Univisagio courses and recruitment projects. While those have been important to my career growth, my favourite part has been the flexibility about working from home even when it hasn't been required, allowing me to work during times that suit me best.

Andre Anthony

(2021.1 intern)

I am currently completing my part-time internship with Visagio alongside my full-time studies at UWA. From day one, I felt like an integral part of the project team working closely with experienced consultants to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. The amount of support, training and mentoring available at Visagio makes it a truly great place to work.

Juliet Li.jpg
Juliet Li
(2019.1 intern)

Visagio truly walks the talk when it comes to supporting Visagians to succeed. Whenever you need help from one of the many masterminds, the team is always there. If someone doesn’t already know the answer, we will point you in the right direction and work it out together. The company encourages questions and never shames learning, which has helped me learn so many new skills! It is one of the most rewarding experiences I could have ever wished for.

I started working in Visagio as an intern in May 2019 and became full time after graduating in August 2020. The amount of teamwork and support that is available in Visagio makes it a great place to work. I find it amazing how they value the uniqueness of each individual and combines them into something great.