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Consultant Internship

Perth | Sydney

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Consultant Internship

Perth | Sydney

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1. APPLICATIONS CLOSE | Fri 01.09 (11.59 pm AWST)

To guarantee your participation in the internship process, sign up to our talent bank and apply for one of the positions available: management consultant or technology consultant. Note that a cover letter is not required.

After your submission, you will receive an e-mail reconfirming your application and the dates for subsequent phases.

Desired applicants are final or penultimate students with majors in: Engineering, Data Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Finance, Business or related disciplines.

2. ONLINE TESTS CLOSE | Mon 04.09 (11.59 pm AWST)

When the test opens, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete it. The evaluation is mandatory to validate your application in the recruitment process and must be carried out within the specific date window - no exceptions will be considered. 


The online test consists of a proctored test and must be done in one sitting (75 minutes in length). It is based on GMAT questions that will require critical reasoning and logic analysis of business cases.

(Perth candidates only. Sydney candidates will have phone interviews)

Approved applicants will be invited to a group assessment. Candidates will be split into groups to resolve and present a business case study within a defined time frame. Applicants from both technology and management consultant roles will be mixed, working on the same case. 


We ask you to free up your schedule for the day, as the whole process will likely run from 1 pm to 5 pm. 

TIP: During the assessment centre - make sure you have clear assumptions that are in line with the case and explain your line of thinking cohesively to the assessor.

4. INTERVIEWS | Thu-Fri 20-22.09

Successful applicants will each be interviewed for 50 minutes by Visagio partners and consultants.

Approved candidates normally start soon after the recruitment process is finished.

TIP: Good communication skills help you stand out and share your ideas clearly with interviewers.  Demonstrating an interest in the company and understanding of our core values will also put you a step ahead. 

If you still have questions, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Application Steps
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Andre Anthony

Visagio truly walks the talk when it comes to supporting Visagians to succeed. Whenever you need help from one of the many masterminds, the team is always there. If someone doesn’t already know the answer, we will point you in the right direction and work it out together. The company encourages questions and never shames learning, which has helped me learn so many new skills! It is one of the most rewarding experiences I could have ever wished for.

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Alexandra Moroianu

Not only is Visagio a great place for career growth, it is also a company that supports you in achieving your goals; whether that be pursuing a project you are interested in, or promoting a cause you are passionate about. Additionally, you can always count on other Visagians for support. No question is ever a silly question here, and we work as one big team!

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Nathan Zhou

I love the fast-paced nature of the work I do at Visagio. The team I am current at prioritises completing high-impact short-term projects which aim to rapidly deliver solutions to our clients. In this team, I can rapidly learn a large variety of skills and collaborate with different people.


Hazel Fuller

In the six months at Visagio, I've been able to participate in multiple projects for clients and learned from a number of Univisagio courses and recruitment projects. While those have been important to my career growth, my favourite part has been the flexibility about working from home even when it hasn't been required, allowing me to work during times that suit me best.

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9/45 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000  Tel: 1300 725 595

Thanks for submitting!

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