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What is it?

The online test is the first step of your journey to becoming a Visagian. To be considered in Visagio’s recruitment process (internship, graduate or full-time position), every applicant must do it.

After the application closes (for internship and graduate programs), you will receive an email with instructions to complete the test. Please read the instructions carefully, as you will need to complete the test before the specified time. Make sure you dedicate time to prepare beforehand to ensure you perform at your best.

Some questions may follow the GMAT format, which requires critical reasoning and logical analysis of business cases.


You can find some practice questions here.

Tips from Visagians

We asked our Visagians to share their personal tips and tricks when conducting the Visagio Talent online test. Here’s what they have to say:

“Find a quiet place where you’re limited in distractions and interruptions and let the people around you know that you’ll be doing an online test for the next 60-75 minutes.”


“Make sure you have sufficient water because it is a long test, and make sure you have sufficient battery on your laptop if using one.”


“Prepare yourself a piece of paper and a pen. Your camera needs to be on at all times, so prepare a laptop with a camera”.


“Do the practice questions as much as you can before you go on the actual test, and make sure you are well rested before the test.”


“The test is designed to be very challenging. Keep your head up and try your best.”


“If you are stuck somewhere, don’t panic and try your best.”


“In a test where time is limited, spending time on questions you know how to solve is more valuable than spending time on those you don’t. Keep an eye on the clock to ensure you don’t run out of time before attempting all questions in each section.”

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